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Are you a teacher who wants to take back their power? Do you want to be self-employed and have a place to connect parents and students looking for similar education interests in a private network.

All teachers and parents united in groups will be their own decentralised unique systems. Contracts, interviews and schedules are between the parents and teachers. We will provide the network, customer support and technology to facilitate online and face to face learning.

The Grow Together School connects teachers and parents to create systems that work to empower the students.

  • Grow Together is committed to supporting teachers through their transition into alternative education settings
  • Connecting teachers with parents and students who require their skill set
  • An online platform with the ability to create online courses and organise face to face learning
  • Providing a platform where you are a sovereign teacher, running your own business, under your own rules, best suited to your lifestyle
  • Access to a full learning management system with Zoom integration for online learning
  • Assist you to find your community and continue doing the work you love whilst embracing new beginnings

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