Well Aligned Cammeray

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Well Aligned Cammeray brings you over 20 years experience in Chiropractic healthcare to keep you at your best. Our clinic caters to tight schedules (extreme punctuality & paperless systems) while providing a welcoming and safe  space where you can take time to re-calibrate and get well, for life.

We offer you state of the art functional evaluations, adjustments, soft tissues releases, exercise based rehabilitation and postural corrections as well as lifestyle advice, making it one of the most powerful therapies for getting you mobile, well-aligned, strong and fit.

At Well Aligned, an accurate diagnosis is only the first step. The second – and most important – is delivering strategic and sustainable care that works.


We don’t sell generic treatments
We don’t stop at symptoms.
We don’t guess.
We don’t ‘just keep going’ if your treatment isn’t working.
We don’t use one solution, prescription or therapy for everybody.

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September 26, 2021