• Yes, the Free Jobs website platform is strictly for Businesses and Employers who respect potential candidates or employees medical right to choose, bodily freedom and medical privacy. Any Business or Employer posting jobs on this platform will strictly comply with these rules and will NEVER request vaccination status or EVER mandate vaccines or any other medical procedure for their employees. All parties using this platform enter into this agreement.
  • An individual’s right to medical choice is an intrinsic, sovereign and inherent right.  Free Jobs firmly believe that all people, (including children under 18 with their parents/guardians consent) are entitled to make their own informed medical choices in direct consultation with their chosen qualified medical practitioner. It’s your body, it’s your choice.  Information and the availability of medical information facilitates and is essential for an individual to reach informed consent.  Businesses nor Government should ever impose restrictions on the ability to have a qualified medical practitioner prescribe what is necessary to fulfill their oath, Primum non nocere – first do no harm.
  • Yes, your jobs ads go live immediately and potential candidates will be notified via email if they have My Alerts set up.
  • Once you have purchased your larger pack of Job Ads, you are free to use these at your own discretion, there is no time frame allocated for the ads.
  • You manage all your jobs and applications from the Jobs Dashboard.
  • You can manage all your applications and resume from your Candidate Dashboard.